Bastion du Freux

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Bastion du Freux
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Ecran de chargement
EmplacementVal'sharah, Îles Brisées
Race(s)Mo'arg Mo'arg
Nathrezim Nathrezim
Elfe de la nuitElfe de la nuit Elfe de la nuit
Mort-vivantMort-vivant Mort-vivant
Boss de finKur'talos Corvaltus
Instance info
Niveau conseillé110
Limite de joueurs5

Le Bastion du Freux fut taillé dans la montagne afin d'être une forteresse imprenable. Cette structure elfe servait de rempart contre la Légion durant la guerre des Anciens, jusqu'à ce qu'une ombre s'y abatte. Le Bastion du Freux est un donjon dans World of Warcraft : Legion. Vous débutez dans les catacombes sous le Bastion du Freux et devez vous frayer un chemin par l'extérieur vers le sommet de la flèche.[1]

Histoire[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Guerre des Anciens[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

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Black Rook Hold was, during the War of the Ancients, a defensive gathering place for the night elves to strategize and plan the stand against the Burning Legion. Lord Ravencrest was the head of this monumental structure. The hold itself was carved from the great mountain of black stone. Over the centuries, the Ravencrest bloodline continued to carve out corridors and other areas of the keep. In Lord Ravencrest's generation, the hold was complete. It's shape and color resembles the shape of the rook chess-piece and the famous, but ancient, crest of a black raven soars over the hold itself. Both signs finally gave it it's name, black rook hold. The structure stood in terms of magnificence second only to the palace of Zin-Azshari. The hold was thought to have been destroyed after the well exploded during the Great Sundering, but nothing is for sure. The hold is said to have the strength to withstand an attack from the Burning Legion for days, giving time for it's inhabitants to make a stand — or flee to safer ground.[2]

Legion[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

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After stealing the corpse of Illidan Stormrage from the Vault of the Wardens, Gul'dan conducted a ritual to separate his soul from his body. This energy brought the souls of the Ravencrest clan back to their ancestral home.[3] The ghosts of the Hold's forces have been risen by Gul'dan, from the lowliest soldier to Desdel Stareye and even Lord Ravencrest himself, to protect the secrets within the tower. These undead night elves cannot see the living for what they truly are and believe them to be demons[4] as they eternally relive the horrors of the War of Ancients.[5]

Guide l'aventurier[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Carved from the greatest mountain of Val'sharah by ancient elven masons, Black Rook Hold stood as a bulwark against the Burning Legion during the War of the Ancients. The nigh-impregnable fortress is also the ancestral home of Lord Kur'talos Ravencrest, one-time mentor of Illidan himself. But since the latest Legion attack, a strange dark energies emanates from the Hold, and restless dead plague the surrounding lands.

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