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Felo'melorn,[1] Choc de Flammes en commun,[1] est une ancienne lame runique bien-née portée au combat par la dynastie Haut-Soleil. Elle était autrefois portée par Dath'Remar Haut-Soleil, avant même la guerre des Anciens.[1] Cette puissante lame runique légendaire, transmise parmi les Haut-Soleil pendant des générations, est une arme dont on dit qu'elle exploite l'essence même de la flamme.[2]

Histoire[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

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Felo'melorn was eventually passed down to Dath'Remar's great-grandson, Anasterian Sunstrider, who wielded it against the Amani trolls after the founding of Quel'Thalas. It was said that Felo'melorn had spilled enough Amani blood to brim the walls of Zul'Aman.[3] During the Scourge invasion of Quel'Thalas, Anasterian wielded the sword in battle against Arthas Menethil, and grievously wounded the death knight's steed Invincible with it. Towards the end of their battle, Felo'melorn and Frostmourne clashed, but the former was severed in two on collision. Although Anasterian fought on with his broken blade, burying it deep in Arthas' thigh, he was ultimately defeated.[3][4] The shattered blade was recovered and returned to Silvermoon, along with the fallen king's body, by the brothers Solanar and Falon. Later, Kael'thas Sunstrider, last of the Sunstrider line, had Felo'melorn reforged, "with magic, hatred, and a burning need for revenge."[5]

It was last seen when Arthas engaged Kael in a duel during the final battle between the Lich King's Scourge led by Arthas Menethil, and Kil'jaeden's agents led by Illidan Stormrage. Kael boasted that unlike human blades, which weakened when repaired, elven blades grew stronger when remade; this proved true, much to Arthas's surprise, when the runeblade was able to parry Frostmourne without failing. Though Kael ultimately fled, the sword was lost there.[6]

Arme prodigieuse[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

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Fichier:WoW Legion Felo'melorn.png
Felo'melorn en tant qu'arme prodigieuse.

In the upcoming expansion World of Warcraft: Legion, Felo'melorn will become the Artifact weapon for Fire mages, alongside the off-hand Heart of the Phoenix. The quest is Quest:The Frozen Flame, which takes the mage to Icecrown Citadel.

After the betrayal of Kael'thas Sunstrider to the Burning Legion, Lyandra Sunstrider, a distant relative that held no actual claim to the throne, decided to find Felo'melorn. According to Aethas Sunreaver, she became obsessed with finding it, and began to hunt down the old elven runeblade, it having been lost by Kael'thas during his duel against Arthas in Icecrown years prior. At an unspecified point, she disappeared. She apparently found the blade only to be killed and raised as a member of the Scourge by the Lich King in Northrend. By the time Aethas, Modera and the new leader of the Tirisgarde decided to track down Felo'melorn, she had apparently been missing for years. The Lich King feels the mage's presence and tells them he will not interfere but neither will he protect them from the Scourge.

She is ultimately killed once more by the mage and Aethas, and the old elven runeblade thus falls into the hands of the reformed Tirisgarde to combat the Legion, the very group that its former owner had eventually sworn allegiance to.

Porteurs connus[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Nom Emplacement Notes Statut
IconSmall Dath'Remar.gif Haut Roi Dath'Remar Haut-Soleil N/A Porteur de l'épée durant la guerre des Anciens. Fondateur de Quel'Thalas. Décédé
HighElf male Roi Anasterian Haut-Soleil Incinéré à Lune d'Argent Porteur de la lame des guerres trolles jusqu'à la Troisième Guerre. Honoré à titre posthume comme le dernier roi des hauts-elfes. Décédé
IconSmall Kael'thas.gif Prince Kael'thas Haut-Soleil Enterré à Quel'Danas Reforgea la lame et la porta contre Arthas Menethil, l'home qui allait devenir le roi-liche. Dernier Haut-Soleil à régner sur Quel'Thalas. Décédé
BloodElfDeathKnight female Lyandra Haut-Soleil Couronne de Glace Mena des recherches pour trouver la lame perdue, mais tomba dans la Couronne de Glace. Relevée en tant que serviteur du roi-liche. Parent éloigné d'Anasterian. Tuable
AllianceHorde Conjurateur de la Tirisgarde Inconnu Récupère la lame dans la Couronne de Glace avec l'aide d'Aethas Saccage-Soleil. Arpentant la voie du feu, ce champion dirige la Tirisgarde reformée. Premier non-Haut-Soleil à porter la lame. Vivant

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